Nadelle (Founder)

 #everyBODYplayahmas was founded by Nadelle in 2014. After being body-shamed in a popular carnival magazine, Nadelle made it her mission to make a safe space for #everyBODY to be comfortable playing mas. Initially she brought groups of people together (many first time masqueraders) to feel confident participating in Caribbean Carnivals. Since then, #everyBODYplayahmas has grown to being a social media campaign that has reached Caribbean carnivals around the world.  

 Nadelle is an established international full figured model, motivational speaker and advocate for full figured women. She participated in many international runway shows, including the annual Caribbean Plus Fashion Week in Trinidad which included an ode to the greatest show on earth, Trinidad Carnival. 

 She is very dedicated and passionate about promoting, empowering and educating all women to celebrate their beauty and embrace their curves while living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to body positive moments like #everyBODYplayahmas, women have gained confidence and know their body shape does not have to get in the way of anything they want to do. They are inspired to proudly participate, and do not have to hide or apologize for it.